The Sequence Toolkit
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The Sequence Toolkit Documentation

Welcome to the Sequence Toolkit API documentation!


The Sequence Toolkit (STK) is a developers toolkit to implement software services, manage them, and help them communicate.

The STK APIs are organized by *_api.h (function prototypes) and *.h files (typedefs and preprocessor definitions) found in the include dir. Primarily applications will only need to include the relevant *_api.h headers or stk.h which includes all the API headers, which some consider overkill, but is provided as a convenience.

The STK APIs are implemented in C and provided as a dynamic library in lib

Developers are encouraged to start by looking at the stk_env_api.h, stk_service_api.h and stk_sequence_api.h headers and the simple_client and simple_server examples in the examples dir.

For any questions about this API and toolkit, visit and/or send email to